In 1947, Louis Bourgeois, facing an increasing demand from shoe and bagmakers, decided to become a leather dealer while France was recovering from WWII.

   Photo Dépot Bourgeois

Then he started to develop an undisputable savoir-faire and to sell his top-shelf leathers to the well-known french manufactures.

This savoir-faire has been transmitted to several generations of leather-workers until today.

We have transposed our love for beautiful leathers and on-measure service by adapting them to the 21th century habits , while still working with the most beautiful shoe and bag manufactures.

This is with the very same enthusiasm that our teams keep flying worldwide to keep finding the most beautiful leathers.


Our pig and goat linings, our upper leather and all our technical materials  are permanently stocked in our warehouse of Gétigné (France).

Our range is made of an important panel of colors, qualities, finishing, thickness and origins of leather, in order to find the matching answer to your need.

Contrôle qualité épaisseur

 We build-up very strong and long-term partnership with our tanneries, and know each other very well as we’ve been working together  for several years.

Liasse-Porc-Fleur Liasse-Croute-de-Porc

As we love to know what happens in our shoes, we set-up a truly engaged innocuousness process, in collaboration with CTC, Talking about this we offer you traceability of each leather batch coming thru our warehouse, and a leather swatch safe-archive undefined time length, chemical tests protocols written in a collaborative way with our customers and a good tannery pactices questionnaire, elaborated along with CTC allows us to know about the good tanning methods of our tanneries.

Dépot Bourgeois Grand Angle

We recently set-up a foreign dept. We propose to our customer to assist them for their Asian productions : Bourgeois Asia is a service thru which one we propose our traceability, our availability  and our savoir-faire concerning the innocuousness of our linings, from the tannery to the factory. While production and logistics are realized in our Taïwanese tannery, we maintain the closeness to our customers by proposing them our local French availability.